Founded by Kate Ryan in 2021, Roovie Creative was built on the notion that everyone should love what they do and have the opportunity to thrive in and out of the workplace. When people enjoy their job, they work harder and meet deadlines - that is why we can take on more ambitious projects and our clients can trust that we will get it done.


Transforming brands through strategy, innovation, & design to tell a story that is uniquely unmatched.


DEFINITION: Embracing challenges with a new perspective; constantly growing and learning in an ever-changing field
SYNONYMS: Creative; Bold; Ambitious

With over eight years of experience in the fields of communication, journalism, and design, Kate is well versed in a wide variety of marketing skills. Prior to launching Roovie in 2021, she worked in nonprofit and business management sectors for seven years, driving organizational branding, creative designs, and marketing strategy. 

Built upon these skills in addition to advertising, public relations, and copywriting experience, Roovie is a one-stop-shop for any marketing and communications needs. Whether your organization has been around for years or is just getting off the ground, we can help you grow your company, enhance your brand, and engage consumers through innovative marketing approaches and strategies.

Featuring Evie & Ollie Ryan

Featuring Evie & Ollie

Our namesakes and team mascots.

1. Always go big

Set ambitious goals to make an impact

2. Be humble

Carry yourself with confidence & gratitude

3. Work Smarter

Hustle drives our everyday

4. Have Perspective

Embrace the ups & downs of work & life

5. Elevate voices

every idea has value & creates a culture of belonging

We're founded on these five principles

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